Spa & Wellness Center, Bronx, NY

Groundbreaking New Spa & Wellness Center For Seniors Now In Operation, Bronx, NY

DIG Design is so proud to have designed this unique, new program serving the senior population of Beth Abraham Rehabilitation Center, the first one in the industry!

The Spa & Wellness Center offers elite spa services you might find in the most luxury of hotels, but ensures the senior community have been taken into consideration in terms of the design, services, equipment and health benefits.

The finishes we selected are natural - reminiscent of sand, sun and sky. We paid particular attention to the stimulation of the 5 senses through lighting, sound, visual imagery and scent to create an environment that nurtures and promotes wellness.

We are THRILLED that seniors can finally enjoy the services that the rest of the population has enjoyed for many years!!


Bronx, NY

Project Type

Interior Renovation

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